November/December, 2019: USA West Coast, USA Mid-West

January, 2020:  USA East Coast, Montreal

February/March, 2020:  Germany, EU

Negative Flyaway in NYC!


A prominent client of ours called us with an error ‘unable to find white balance’ after a film counterweight had flown off the drum of their Heidelberg 8200. We went through our usual remote troubleshooting steps, and finally had to resort to a service call. After a little while on site, Brian located a piece of negative which had banked off the back of the scanner chassis and settled on top of the intake lens to the transparency fiber optics – putting a dim warm glow on all the scanners light! The film piece was sized just perfectly to fit into the detent over the lens. No wonder it couldn’t white balance. After a thorough cleaning and recalibrating all optical functions, they were back in business. In this case, the flyaway was due to a faulty batch of tape, but it just goes to show you – these drums spin FAST (up to 2000RPM) ! Secure your negs 🙂