Specializing in High-End Photographic Scanners manufactured by the former Dr. Ing. Rudolf Hell GmbH factory in Kiel, Germany .

Hudson Grafik Service is a global provider of Service and Support for all types of Prepress equipment built by the Hell / Linotype-Hell / Heidelberg companies. Servicing the Commercial Printing Industry was our main objective when forming the company in 2003, however the current business model is oriented specifically towards meeting the needs of our Artist / Photographer / Museum Film Archival client base.  The surging interest in returning to Analog Processes for the highest level of quality possible is a global wave which is gaining momentum. We, being at the center of the solar system when it comes to Heidelberg Scanner Support, are very pleased to have breathed new life into a classic product.  HGS provides conscientious, top level  service, and we stand behind our work.  Please contact HGS for all your parts, service, or used equipment needs! Your business is appreciated.