Supported Machines

  • Hell Era
    • CP341 / CP345
    • DC350 / DC380
    • DC3000 Family
  • Linotype-Hell Era
    • Herkules
    • Tango / Primescan
    • S3400 / S3900
  • Heidelberg Era
    • Primesetter
    • Topsetter
    • Nexscan
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How Can We Help You ?

Hudson Grafik Service is a leading global provider of service and support for prepress equipment built by the Hell / Linotype-Hell / Heidelberg companies.

HGS provides its customers with a high level of service at a competitive price. HGS can help you keep those wonderful old "Kieler" machines running for many years to come.

Please call on HGS for all your parts, service, or used equipment needs! We appreciate your business.

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